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Dalo - 7 Years on

General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Marines.
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Dalo - 7 Years on

#1 Post by dalo »

Hello everyone,

My last visit was July 2006 :o Im delighted to see this site is still as strong as ever all these years on :D

Well I passed Recruit training later on that year, and got sent to 45, where the main unit was on Herrick 5 at time I missed out on that but I was sent to Umm Qasr in Iraq for force protection of the Naval transition force. The following year I then went on to do my snipers course and finished 4 out of 16 with a marksman pass then deployed on Herrick 9 as a troop sniper in Oct 2008, My partner was 6 months pregnant at the time. I got my RNR around my sons due date, and was lucky enough to spend 48 hours with him before heading back over for the second half of the tour, after several close calls and after sadly losing some close friends I then decided to put my chit in to leave the Corp which I thought was the answer at the time. So Its Feb 2010 im out of the corp, I have my daughter on the way in May and me and my children's mother are separated, Looking back I knew I needed help, after 6 months of trying to get work I started work as a bin man with my local council, then went on and started labouring. After this I then I stupidly jumped on the Maritime bandwagon which was good at first to see some old faces, but the work Is too irregular for me.

I will never regret leaving, because at the time my decisions were for a good reason, but here I am, Ive been out the Corp since 2010 and thinking about rejoining,

Ive heard it takes a few months and its not for certain that you can rejoin also Im aware that theres the PRMC etc to do again.
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Re: Dalo - 7 Years on

#2 Post by Rover »

Hello Dalo,

Take a look at this site,

Put your questions to the Mods on sight, some still serving and so in a good place to give you the latest info.

Good luck.
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