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Finally passed out!

General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Marines.
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Finally passed out!

#1 Post by mr.zog »

Well, i've waited many years to join the corps, and finally stated training on 23rd march.

Passed out as an original last friday with 987.

Just wanted to say that these boards were a massive help with my PRMC and just before i went into training. Always said that I would try and repay the favor by answering any questions that any of you lads have with anything.

All the best to you all, and always remember it is achievable...

RT - 23rd March. 987 Troop.

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#2 Post by timex »

Well done mate, now for the good stuff!

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#3 Post by rikkles22 »

Well done! :)

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#4 Post by English Rose »

Well done matey.
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#5 Post by Sully »

Good effort Royal. Such a lot to look forward to.

Wish I could do it all again :wink:

(636 Troop)
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#6 Post by Paddysprat »

Well Done Chris.

My only regret in life is not sticking with my training. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable career with the RM.

My friend has now been in the GG for 16 years and has recently achieved WOII at only 33. He's worked hard and got through some pretty tough times. I can see a WO1 coming his way in the next few years and possibly the option of a commission after that. His 22 years will be up by the time he turns 40, when a full Army pension would be his.

so here's looking to the future for you Chris :drinking:
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Well done.

#7 Post by agapito »

Well done.

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Re: Finally passed out!

#8 Post by Flintstone »

Great job mate, best of luck with everything. =)

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Re: Finally passed out!

#9 Post by Tab »

Congratulations ole bean


Re: Finally passed out!

#10 Post by Wholley »

Good Effort that man.

Well done Chris.

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