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Smartie tubes

General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Marines.
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#16 Post by Stix@CTC »

I have been running the saftey vehicle on the Endurance course for the last 14 years. I do it about once a week. In that time NOBODY has ever got stuck in the tunnels and NOBODY has ever been judged to big to go into them.
The spades are carried for a good reason - just in case of a collapse. In this day and age with lawsuits flying everywhere it would be silly not to take saftey precautions. Like wise the key for the water tunnel. When the water tunnel was rebuilt about 10 years ago they had a locked flap that you lifted to show a stop cock type drain valve. We tested it one day and it took about ten minutes to drain. :o The present long handeled key I have seen drain it in seconds. IMHO anyone that has a problem with the thought of sticking their head under water for about 2 seconds should really think about a different career.
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#17 Post by jay999 »

TomClarke wrote:
jay999 wrote:You don't do the endurance course on PRMC.
Why would that matter ? You will eventually do them and if the thought is keeping you up at night this could be a problem as far as having a career. If I was you try and put yourself in the same position see how you cope might be you imagination?

What I mean is things should be taken one step at a time. Everyone will have their own fears and discomforts but getting through PRMC should be the guys main concern. As the guys who have been there have said when the time comes it won't bother you. Not to sound bitchy just explaining what I meant in my first post

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#18 Post by kevin916 »

I had some smalll concerns about the smartie tubes before I did it on my phase 1 course with the reserves but they are easier than you may think. I'd heard rumours that you had to go through with your arms outstretched to the front and you had to wiggle through but that is complete bull. There are 2 smartie tubes both about 20m long I think. One is a decent size which I'm sure anyone could go through on their hands and knees. The other one is a lot smaller and over half full with water but it slopes upwards slightly so the water level gets lower as you advance through it. I went through the small one and managed to get through no problem pushing myself along on my side and I could have been wearing my fighting order as well with no problems. The rest of the tunnels are hand and knee jobs, they're all pitch black as most of them are not straight and I always had someone in front of and behind me also. You don't have time really to think about what you are doing anyway with the adrenaline flowing and the PTIs shouting, you just get on with it. Even if it had been about a foot narrower I still would have just fired in, it's just the mentality you get yourself in.


#19 Post by davidemmerson »

Here's a short clip on the Endurance Course

Just shows a small bit on the Smartie tubes plus a bit extra on the Endurance Course.

If anyone's interested!


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#20 Post by Dangermouse »

davidemmerson wrote:Here's a short clip on the Endurance Course

Just shows a small bit on the Smartie tubes plus a bit extra on the Endurance Course.

If anyone's interested!

The Royal Marine at the end looks like one cracking fella.


#21 Post by davidemmerson »

The one who looks like he's been in a heck of a long time? I didn't realise the RM ages you that much! :lol:

Probably seen it all though, great person to have on your training team.



#22 Post by davidemmerson »

Well spotted! Or it was probably me not paying enough attention!


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