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Posted: Sat 06 Jan, 2007 6:11 pm
by tomharto30
Surplus shop in town, its a little black one. Try and get hold of some black pusser socks. Definitely take a watch, it can be good one or just a shit one, as long as it displays the right time and doesnt beep, it will be fine! Take a civvie water bottle for foundation centre in the nights because if you start using your pusser you will have to keep emptying it in the mornings and drying it for inspection, which will take up valuable time!! If I think of anything else I will post it. The list does pretty much cover everything though.

Posted: Sat 06 Jan, 2007 6:15 pm
by rgj-rifleman
Diamond, thanks tom


Posted: Sat 06 Jan, 2007 6:25 pm
by KJ-Edwards
JoeAllen28 wrote:Kyle did you buy that kit bag, i think im gunna struggle to get everthing in 1 bag lol
Nah, but the way things are looking, I will not get much more in my bag, i think i will be able to get away with my duffel bag, and just a rucksack if i pack correctly.

Just waiting for my sewing kit (that dpm one) in the post along with me bungees n twists, and I am good to go.

Not long now Joe :P

Oh I posted exactly what i am taking so you can compare and let me know if you got something i aint, would be much appriciated :D


Posted: Sun 07 Jan, 2007 6:32 am
by druadan
Sorry if I'm repeating other people's posts, but to cover a couple more of the points mentioned...

Padlocks, we only got issued two, fine for Foundation, but once you get into proper grots (I think all the refurbed ones plus San Carlos) you need six if you want to lock everything. And you probably will need to cut them off at some point, so spares never hurt :o

Extra webbing pouch, not in training, use what you're given. If you choose to use Pusser's issue webbing after you pass out it's worth getting an extra utility pouch to replace the entrenching tool pouch. Personally I only use Pusser's stuff for phys now, use Arktis cop vest for the field/ops.

Web Tex and BCB are both shit. Avoid their stuff if it's gonna cost you much. The NAAFI stock BCB stuff, okay for little disposable odds and ends, but don't buy any proper kit from them.

Sewing kit - coupla needles (one big and strong, one normal), green thread and maybe black (strong), para cord good for emergency laces (surplus shops). Basics. Scissors handy, but you're always gonna have a knife on you. Spare buttons are on the inside of your issued kit, tho always handy to have a couple of emergency back ups.

Buy a torch, you're not issued one (unless things have changed in the last coupla years, Tom'll tell you if they have).

Bungees, ideally have 6, covers all eventualities. You will learn the Corps is held together with bungees and black maskers. You should see some of our wagons out here :roll:

Ironing board, when I was there there were plenty to go round, a non-slip cover makes your life a damn sight easier tho.

Erm, think that's it...

Posted: Sun 07 Jan, 2007 12:30 pm
by KJ-Edwards
Thanks a bunch druaden... I guess i will will be off to get me that non-slip cover. Be back later.........

Thanks again for the information.


Posted: Thu 11 Jan, 2007 8:51 pm
by dalo
Sully wrote:A decent iron? Anybody mentioned that? It will get you more sleep and for that reason will be your prized possession.
Definetly a must, ive got a shit one with brown scorch marks on the bottom and to say that all my drill shirts are stained would be an understatement lol, Extra!!....... Parada!!!

Posted: Fri 12 Jan, 2007 11:33 am
by rgj-rifleman
Ive got everything now, got myself the extras as well, got a zippo lighter, the bungees, the sealable freezer bags, baby wipes, mini maglight,which is resistant to water, not counting my eggs though.

The clothes situation, my jeans are pretty decent only one of the cats decided it would scatch me the other day and has put a whole in my jeans the size of a pencil tip, will i not be able to take these down now, plus i have some jeans that are wearing at the bottom? Will they be alright to take with me?