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Royal Marines Initiation - sprog olympics

General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Marines.
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Royal Marines Initiation - sprog olympics

#1 Post by Dave_n »

I'm sure by now you have all the the headline story all over the news. The headlines stating something like, 'RITUAL ABUSE OF OUR MARINES' or 'SICKENING VIDEO EXPOSES SHOCK ABUSE OR OUR MARINES'. And I'm sure it has serverly harmed the proudness enstilled in the Royal Marines.

I have heard quite a few stories of these initiations and 'joining runs' and the fact is, this one seemed to just go that little bit to far.

I start recruit training in 1 week; 5th December. But what i have seen hasnt detered me in anyway, to be honest this isnt a suprise to me, and I'm sure most of you have heard of similar things. Its been put to me by marines serving or have served, that this is part of our marines, part of the training and part of the life.

Anyway, the purpose of this thread is for a discussion. Your views on whats happened,

If it has changed your opinion or aspirations to join?

If this comes as a suprise to you?

And what the older members who have served have to say about this?

Was the Marine who sold the story right to do so, or should this have remained something that is not spoken about?

And any other concerns anyone has, especially people hoping, or soon to join. As I'm sure some of you will be having second thoughts.



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#2 Post by letsrole » ... 41A00.html

There it is above if you haven't already seen it (by the way I don't know how to do the weird URL thingy).

If it has changed your opinion or aspirations to join? No chance, I thought things like this go on a lot, I have spoken too a few marines and they say they get made to stand like naked in a freezing cold feild.

If this comes as a suprise to you? Not really, it's happens all over the armed forces (well not getting knocked out by your traning team but the bulling part).

Was the Marine who sold the story right to do so, or should this have remained something that is not spoken about? Of course he should have done it because they need to cut down on this sort of thing!

At least now for anyone who is going to join shortly the training teams will be tip top and extra nice to you as the investigation team I'm sure will have a few guys overlooking training to make sure it does not reoccur.

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#3 Post by Dave_n »

Remeber this happened when the Marines had been given their first posting to 42 commando, not during training.


#4 Post by Doc »

In my opinion this story doesnt potray bullying. This is a piss up with games that fueled by alcohol got out of hand. Yes Ive seen this before and yes it goes on, but it isnt bullying. I never saw bullying when I was in the Navy or with the corps. But naked pissups and a few fights does happen. Its a man world of elite men trained to kill (and thats just the medics :lol: :wink: ) add alcohol especially after a stressful tour and shit happens. The bloke knocked out looks like it was a result of the alcohol more than the kick. He isnt pressing charges and that isnt because he's under pressure to keep quiet, its because he's sobered up like the rest of the crowd and doesnt see the issue.

He was wrong to sell the video, trust is a big thing in the RM and to now constantly worry about an oppo possibly filming you to make money is a pisser. Theres the sneak and twonk, the guy with the camera who instead of dripping to the SIB if he felt things were out of hand, went to the papers for the cash. There is a bootneck who deserves to be filled in.


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#5 Post by Dave_n »

You seem to have got it pretty much spot on doc, well said.


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#6 Post by cosmo »

seems a bit strange to me, with everyone being naked n' all.... :roll:

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#7 Post by proffered »

Bloody Royal, not showing any respect for our public decency laws...

Again, I agree with Doc - this is not bullying. I feel that if young gentlemen wish to cavort around naked and ignore the Queensbury that's fine by me. Not too good for Joe Public and recruitment when the media puts its slant on things, but hey, that's life. If New Labour can keep bringing people to its throng...

A friend of mine in 45 quite frequently brings videos of his idiocy back home on his phone. I have often told him that he needs to be careful - filming on base without permission could constitute a breach of the Official Secrets Act. Given that this gentleman in the story has handled what could be deemed sensitive material incorrectly, by giving it to the media instead of informing his seniors, could he be held in breach of said act? It will be interesting to see what comes of this. Perhaps compulsory underwear orders?



#8 Post by Doc »


wait for it :evil: ...........remember pants on!! :lol: :lol:

Naked bars and naked runs around camp are great fun, especially when the Wrens do it :lol:

Men amongst men, all good fun and highly recommended, after all it isnt done sober and anyone seen with an erection :o is soon asked to leave via the window :lol:

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#9 Post by cruicent »

but then another man dressed in a blue surgeon-style outfit steps and motions for a them to use bare fists.
Doc? Anything to do with you?
I was a little suprised that they were forced to beat the crap out of each other, but yeah, if they were drunk it makes more sense .
It hasnt changed me wanting to join at all though as Ive wanted this most of my life and something like an initiation beating isnt going to change that.


#10 Post by Doc »

Not guilty your honour.

Heads up fellas on Royal parties and runs ashore.

Fancy dress is always the way ahead, Ive been dressed as a woman, a dalmation, braveheart, toga, flip flops and a messtin, arab, etc etc

Drinking is often intense as you have been sober for possibly months whilst away. Stress plus alcohol and games start to be played. From stitch ups to trap a gronk. Your all in it together. If the run ashore is in private like this fuss is all about, then games are played. Various and usually non physical, but milling, naked bars, willy length competitions, piss drinking etc are pretty much the norm. You all wake up next day hungover, shitting yourself and the over breakfast debrief will have you splitting your sides. Sometimes things get carried away but it isnt malicious, its cos your pissed, and I bet the first person to hug and apologise the knocked out fella was the FAKE medic.

You then go to work and do a stirling job. Whats worse, pissed and a few games behind the wire or taking drugs, mugging grannies and trashing the town centre? Chav or Royal, hmmmmm Id prefer filling in my oppo for a laugh then asking to borrow his car next day as I find him stitiching me up with extra guard duties!!

Its a hard life and a hard job, but the fun and friendships are all worth it. After a year or so you'll get drafted and walk into a new grot with 2 other old and bold bootnecks offering you a tinny and spinning dits all night long.

This isnt Barclays bank or Safeways, this is the Armed forces and more importantly the Royal Marines.

Best thing about Royal is that you'll drink your oppos piss, fill him in, stitch him up and then next day he'll lend you his car as he plans his tongue in cheek revenge. After all that you'll still turn out smart as, and help the granny across the road, go home and help your mum wash up and your little sis with her homework. Gents who have their mad moments, and are the best these shores have to offer.....thats Royal.

If your sights are higher after all that then theres obviously the RN Medical Branch (attached to RM) :wink: :lol: 8)

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#11 Post by Winnie »

Doc has it spot on. Thats basically my way of thinking.
And of course, the media make it look 100 times worse than it is.

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#12 Post by Sarastro »

Saw it on late news last night, and thought it was all rather tame apart from the kick in the face.

All depends on what it's showing. If that had been in training, and they were milling, then it could have been called P-Coy, and been all above board and accepted (there's a shock headline though, 'Royal imitating Para!'). As Doc said, it could also just be a pissup where one guy lost it for a second. It could also be the kind of crap that went on at Deepcut (which I think is widely acknowledged to have happened, despite the MoD's rather weak denials), which is bad, for obvious reasons.

But since I've never been in 42 Commando (or any other), and by the good demeanour of ex-Booties in the world and on this site, I'm quite happy to take their word on what goes on.

PS As for the guy who sold the story, obviously he broke a code which is there for a good reason, and if it was just a pissup and he did it for money then deserves a twat; but if he thought this had been the kind of common abuse that was going on in Deepcut, he might have saved some of those blokes lives. At least, I suspect that is how he could have been thinking. Though they are completely different services, I think that the MoD ignoring that scandal is an anchor hanging around the Forces' neck.

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#13 Post by harry73 »

They were just talking about it on Jonathan Dimbleby.

They all said basicly the same thing "discrace to the British Army"

Just goes to show what they and the producers know. :roll:

You just know you are going to have every so called expert, reporters, presenters, MP's saying how discusting this is. While at the samw time just about everyone in the Military will be having a laugh about it.
This is what we do, its our sence of humour. And even though its wrong now days to kick a sprog in the head thats nowt to what happened to me when I was a crow.


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#14 Post by Worthers Original »

For me the main issue is whether the participants were willing or forced, though it has done nothing to enhance the reputation of the Marines, British Armed Forces et al at all. Can't imagine it will have a positive impact on recruitment either and there'll be a fair few parents less likely to sign their younguns up.

If you want to go out, get shit faced and wind up drinking a pint of mixed piss and vomit then more power to you. Given what is asked of these men it's hardly suprising that they let of steam in such "creative" ways. Not my cup of tea (or piss & vomit) though.

If the participants were willing and not co-oerced/bullied into it then what does it matter. If the person who put the film into the public domain did so because they felt the issue was bullying and they didn't feel it would be dealt with properly internally then going to the press is fair enough. If the motivation was money then it's a sad, if not suprising, reflection of the calibre of people these days.

I don't imagine that people join the Marines thinking that they'll have to face "initiation" rites when they reach their unit, maybe those who wouldn't put up with them are weeded out during training. Maybe they don't have what it takes to perform as a Marine or maybe a different kind of Marine is lost. Certainly the job the Marines do requires a pack mentality and if you aren't prepared to go along with the pack then it's hard to see how you'd be able to do your job.

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#15 Post by dalo »

I start training on january 30th and i would of thought once passed training things like this would happen. One question though did the NCO punchone guy and kick the other because they didnt want to do it?
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