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Royal cock up!

Posted: Mon 21 Nov, 2005 7:28 pm
by cosmo
ignore the pun in the title! but, when i had my medical, the woman who was sorting it all out and organising it all, couldn't of orgasnised a piss up in a pub, anyway she forgot to tell a few of us that we hadn'y fully passed the medical until the letter they send off to our doctors about our childhood asthma (it went when i was about 8 ) gets back to the AFCO stating we are clean of it, anyway we all went out thinking hell yeah we've passed the med.

anyway, i do my PJFT, pass that, get 9.17 which is the fastest it will allow. so the next day i go into my AFCO and they where being really nice with me, more friendly than before, and say they will try and book me on the 19th december PRMC, which is what i want.

so the very next day the fella from the AFCO rings me sayin that i shouldn't of even done the PFJT because i ain't fully passed the medical, he sounded a bit pissed off like because if i had keeled over on it he would of been in the shit, anyway i said sorry but i was under the impression that i had passed because she didn't tell me about this letter they are waiting for.

anyway, if my doctor gets her hairy arse into gear (for once!) and gets the letter back to my AFCO ASAP i can go on the PRMC on 19th december.


Posted: Mon 21 Nov, 2005 7:33 pm
by nufc_rulz
i thought the doctor decided wether you passed or not and wrote it on the medical forms that you had to hand back into the afco. hope you pass though mate. it would be gutting to get this far and fail the medical because of something that was years ago. Good luck.


Posted: Mon 21 Nov, 2005 7:37 pm
by cosmo
I passed the medical when i was 16...nothing has changed, i said the same stuff to him then as i did a few weeks ago, so i don't see how i could fail to be honest, i'll be pretty pissed off if he fails me for something which i had as a kid.... :roll: :roll:

cheers anyway mate.

Posted: Mon 21 Nov, 2005 10:45 pm
by the_trainee
were in lpool u from cosmo ? did u apply to join up at 16?

Posted: Tue 22 Nov, 2005 12:09 am
by cosmo
i'm from st helens mate, yeah i applied to join soon as i left school, i was still a kid, physically and mentally, i bottled out at the last minute due to me thinking i wasn't mature enough and not having enough life experience, now i'm 19 and i wanna go for it. 8)