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Military Preparation Course

General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Marines.
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Military Preparation Course

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Does anybody know what the benifits are of doing this course and isit worth doing? If you would like to know about it then check this site out I think this course gives you qualifications and helps with your fitness and military life so I think its a good idea but I would like to hear what other people thing, is it good? what can you tell me about it? Thank you for your time.

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#2 Post by jay999 »

I have heard of people wanting to be paras doing similar courses and finding it extremly beneficial. I think they do quite a bit of PT but mostly exercises in the field. I never been on one myself mind you. 8)

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#3 Post by Cronkilla »

I looked into it before, seemed resonable. They dont take on anyone over the age of 18(unofficially anyway) and there is no accomadation available. so if you live near the locations your onto a winner. I think Chris enrolled on the course, not sure if he did thou.

Most colleges operate some Military Prep Course, i wasnt allowed in the foundation because of my GCSE grades and had to do an advanced(officers) course. The foundation course seemed alot better and they spent most of their time in the GYM or out on trips, compared to writing an essay on the political aspect of war :-?

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A lad on my PRMC had done the prep course and breezed through it (if that possible). He got level 13 on the bleep test, won the 3-miler by a distance and i think maxed out on the gym tests. :) He was quite the athlete. What i'm saying is i think they prepare you pretty well, certainly on the PT side of things.

That said, he seemed slightly unsure as to whether he actually wanted to sign up to military life. Which i thought rather odd as he should have known what was coming- maybe its because he knew what to expect he was unsure. Who knows? 8)
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Thanks For All Your Help

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