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Pilot - security vetting.

General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Air Force.
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Pilot - security vetting.

#1 Post by Newbie101 » Wed 04 May, 2016 11:57 pm


I'm looking for some advice with regards to security clearance for commissioned air crew.

I'm 23 years old and hoping to successfully apply for the role of pilot. Currently i'm employed in the offshore oil and gas industry and educated to Scottish HND level. I enjoy my line of work, however I've been considering following a profession in aviation for quite some time now.
Recently I have started gaining hours towards my PPL, despite this being the only flying experience I have, it quickly gave me an insight to where I would like to take my life professionally.

At age 16 I was convicted of a drug related crime and sentenced to community service, despite pleading innocence throughout the trail. After years of fighting my conviction, the case was eventually accepted for revision and my conviction was quashed at the High Court of Justiciary.
This is the one and only time I have ever been in trouble through the eyes of the law, at any level.
I have since applied for a disclosure Scotland, which returned blank with nothing to disclose.

My question (since this is neither a spent nor unspent conviction) is would I be obliged to disclose this during interview? And if undisclosed would this information be made available during security vetting, via police databases for instance?

It would be a very bitter pill to swallow, if I were to be rejected at interview for sharing said information, but I would imagine it would be even tougher to fail security vetting after possibly reaching and completing IOT.



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Re: Pilot - security vetting.

#2 Post by Hyperlithe » Sat 07 May, 2016 3:38 pm

Personally, I would explain it just as you have here. I really don't think a quashed conviction would be a barrier to entry, and there is very much a common sense approach these days (As there was when I joined up in 2004) to the fact that most people have the odd thing in their past.

If you are really concerned about it, an anonymous call to the RAF careers line on 0345 605 5555 should put your mind at rest. I can promise you it's nothing they won't have heard of before. It's always best to be honest, because this was so long ago you have the opportunity to put a good positive spin on it. You maintained your innocence throughout - shows determination, strong sense of justice, integrity etc... See what I mean?
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