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RAF Nurses

General discussions on joining & training in the Royal Air Force.
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RAF Nurses

#1 Post by agapito »

Alright then lads. Just a quick post my mum is interested in joining as a RAF Nurse, however she's 36 i know..she asked me about the physical part of joining because im in the army but i have no idea. Any other info would be valued.

She is a qualified nurse.

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#2 Post by Hyperlithe »

As she's already a qualified nurse, her training would pretty much only be the 10 week SERE course at RAFC Cranwell. It's run alongside the IOT, and is for medical and legal professionals, and padres, so the average age does tend to be higher than the IOT course. I'm not sure what the fitness requirements are, but I do know that on one course one of the padres never passed his BPFA, and it didn't affect his graduation!

Your mum's best bet is to go into the AFCO and ask for all the info they have. I'm not sure how recruitment and selection works for them.

(PS. Best not tell her the SERE course is usually known as 'tarts and vicars'... :lol: )
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