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Joining the RAF

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Joining the RAF

#1 Post by jacobphillipsuk »

Hi everyone,

I've been wanting to join the RAF for a while now, and it seems like the perfect solution.

My ultimate goal was to enter as a trainee pilot - however, this requires 2 A levels. I am part way through my A levels now but for personal reasons, am not going to be completing them. I am very intelligent, but obviously, this is a setback.

Does anyone know of ways to get in as a pilot without a levels or equivalent?

I am looking at an Air Traffic Controller as a second option, but it isn't truly what I want to do, so might have to do my A levels in the RAF - can anyone comment on this too?

I have good GCSE results, diplomas, and extracurricular stuff...

Appreciate any help, Thanks

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Re: Joining the RAF

#2 Post by Tab »

I think you will find that the RAF has the choice of the brightest people from university

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Re: Joining the RAF

#3 Post by Hyperlithe »

Ok, first point from me - if you're interested in joining the military I wouldn't be using your real name as a username online. Have a look at the online security guidance at for some good tips.

If you want to join the RAF without A levels, chances are you're going to have to start from the bottom. You could get them done once you're in and then apply for a Commission from the ranks, but you would still be competing against the University applicants as Tab said. They will have been on University Air Squadrons and got some flying experience which always helps with the aptitude tests etc...

My advice would be to complete your A levels if you possibly can, even if it takes longer than you originally planned. How you handle the setback could actually work in your favour in terms of displaying tenacity and perseverance, and you would gain extra life experience and maturity which is always a good thing.
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