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Possible ocd verdict as a child am i screwed

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Possible ocd verdict as a child am i screwed

#1 Post by robert87 »

Good evening ,
My name is rob i have just applied for my local army reserve unit , (Rlc) . When i was a child i was deemed to have behavioural problems with a (possible) ocd content . the truth is i was just a little shit that played on symptoms of ocd to try and get away from certain family members (it didnt work ). i got rejected from the regulars because of this . Ten years down the line i have applied for reserves and am worried im going to get the same result . does anyone know seeing as it was so long time ago and that i have had no follow up appointments or treatment ,was a minor and also got a second psychiatric report giving me the all clear if this child hood fib is gonna shatter my dreams . i have attended my reserve unit the last two weeks for pt and drill practise and loved it . The Sargent down there dont think ill have a problem with the behavioural problems on my application i know i should mention the ocd bit but i dont have ocd and i dont wanna bring it up .Is the reserves slightly more lenient in the fact that they can clearly monitor my behaviour weekly and see for themselves im sane .if i do have to appeal i guess i could have the backing of the sergeant and the rest of the unit
any knowledgeable advice would be great .I know ocd is a no no but i feel my situation is different .



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Re: Possible ocd verdict as a child am i screwed

#2 Post by Tab »

Hopefully the TA will be a bit easier, the regulars have to be a bit more careful in case any thing happened while you were there. If it goes well in the TA you could always ask the unit that you are with if they would accept you as a regular, you never know.

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