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::Current UK Threat Level::

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::Current UK Threat Level::

#1 Post by Zero_Higher » Mon 08 Sep, 2014 12:49 pm

The current UK threat level for international terrorism is: SEVERE.

The threat level indicates the likelihood of a terrorist attack in the UK.
There are 5 levels of threat:
• low - an attack is unlikely
• moderate - an attack is possible but not likely
• substantial - an attack is a strong possibility
severe - an attack is highly likely
• critical - an attack is expected imminently

In mainland Britain, the threat level is severe from international terrorism and moderate from Northern Ireland-related terrorism.
In Northern Ireland, the threat level is substantial from international terrorism and severe from Northern Ireland-related terrorism.

As a Military forum, we should all have personal security at the forefront of our minds.
Members of this forum should always remain alert to the danger of terrorism. There is always a potential for public forums like this to be used to aid terrorist activity. Members are reminded of the forums operational and personal security policy. Please read the quote posted below from Beast.
We should not let the fear of terrorism stop us from going about our use of the forum as normal, however we must be aware of what we post.

Beast wrote:Image

As you are all aware or this note is to make some members aware that operations and deployments, in particular Iraq, are attracting great media attention and speculation.

Remember to take extra caution and care when posting on this public forum that you do not post sensitive or classified information that is not otherwise in the public domain.

The Moderators of this forum will immediately remove or edit posts deemed to contain or hint at information which is sensitive or classified in any way to current operations.

The decision of the Modertors is final and while the current political and operational circumstances remain at their current levels, the Moderators will be taking extra steps to ensure that operational security (OpSec) is not compromised and your account maybe removed.
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