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Recommended Charity?

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Re: Recommended Charity?

#16 Post by Beast »

Wholley, can you pass on any further details to me?
Many thanks.

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Re: Recommended Charity?

#17 Post by Wholley »

Will do,
Wait one,I have to contact my

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Scouse Lancer
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Re: Recommended Charity?

#18 Post by Scouse Lancer »

I vote Combat Stress, it assists all 3 Services, It assists veterans from WW2 through to present day.

It is over stretched, short of money. H4H Assists with the physical scars, combat stress assists with mental scares and some of the old and bold really do need help after all some have been suffering since 1945!

And over to you.
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Re: Recommended Charity?

#19 Post by Sambob »

Help for heroes, afgan heroes

prepping 2015
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Re: Recommended Charity?

#20 Post by prepping 2015 »

Help For Heroes is always a good charity to support :) :) :) :) :)

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Re: Recommended Charity?

#21 Post by MedusaUK »

Hello all,

I have a Justgiving page to raise money for RAFA and would welcome any donations to the RAF Association. My father, now 90 and in a care home was stationed at Binbrook and Scampton during WWII and now has Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer's, and often thinks he is back there, an en engineer on the Lancaster bombers... some memories are not so nice for him. He often talks of a gunner dying in his arms, seeing other aircraft shot down and seeing empty tables in the mess hall where crew had never returned to base. RAFA have been the one charity who have supported my father through his later years and I feel it is important to support them so that they can help other ex-military men and women both now and in the future.

Justgiving is a secure site and all monies go directly to RAFA. Are you able to donate as little as 50p? Lots of 50 pences add up to valued and needed support for some very special people. Here is my Justgiving page:

Thank you for taking time to read this post.


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