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I'm BACK!!

Posted: Tue 01 Jun, 2010 6:52 pm
by Stinky
But only for a bit, i've recently managed to get myself into mortars (which I'm not %100 happy with myself). I knew I needed to up my game and after doing some scenarios for SF I figured which way was 'up'. Anyway i'm doing a little research and I plan to be attempting SAS selection by 2013? Well in about 2 years, maybe longer, I'm 20 now and I don't want to attempt it to young. 2 years seems a lot right now but I'm hoping as my fitness grows, so will my enthusiasum. A lot of the SF post seems to be authored my mongs so I got some digging to do!

Re: I'm BACK!!

Posted: Wed 02 Jun, 2010 12:10 am
by gunner75
welcome back! good to hear your getting stuck in and enjoying your career. Whats the beef with mortars then? sounds like your career plan is all systems go, good luck with that! My mate who I joined up with is now a cpl in the Raf Regiment and currently undergoing selection (well according to last time we spoke). He went the sniper route. Not bad for someone I had to get off the assault course because he had a fear of heights :roll:

Re: I'm BACK!!

Posted: Tue 08 Jun, 2010 10:22 pm
by flighty
Stinks! First time I've been on in a long while but good to to hear from you! Keep yourself safe and sane.

Much love. xxx