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General Military Chat. New to the forums? Introduce yourself, Who are you and where are you from?
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Re: Welcome

#61 Post by Tab »

Welcome Trys

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Re: Welcome

#62 Post by Newtech »

Hello everyone. I am new here. I am an employee of Newtech armor, a great manufacturer of body armor, we produce HAP, Bulletproof Vest, Shield and Helmet. We used to tender for many armies from different countries like Pakistan, and have established long-term partnership with many counties. I think we can exchange ideas here, and discuss the technologies and science about bulletproof equipment, I am looking forward to receive your advices and suggestions, so we can make further improvement on our protective products.

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#63 Post by Louis010 »

Beast wrote: Mon 12 Jan, 2009 10:56 am Well said Doc, wise words.
And welcome rachat crédit consommation one and all. 8)
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Re: Welcome

#64 Post by lolapaluuza »

Hi there!

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