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phase one trainning

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Duck You Sucker
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phase one trainning

#1 Post by Duck You Sucker »

Hi all im just about to start phase one trainng in late nov anyone tell me what the first weekend is like and what to expect please :evil: thanks

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#2 Post by TickTock22 »

Week one is basically form filling, kit issue, hair cuts, medicals, fitness test (1.5 mile run), plently by Powerpoint presentations during a various intro lessons and then Icebreaker Exercise at the end of the week which is more like a camping trip than a field ex. Plenty of early mornings and grumpy cpl's to get you in the mood for the rest of the course.

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#3 Post by Cresswellx »

lol Sounds great! :-?
When you go on the field exercises do you sleep in a tent ?
Lol i dont like mud or insects or getting cold.
god im goin to be hated arnt i !
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#4 Post by Poodle2424 »

i would think it will be a poncho or basha, basically a waterproof sheet! , Dont worry though you will be given lots of kit , so use it to your advantage! as for bugs , sleeping bags zipped up over your head means they cant get in. :)

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#5 Post by adamb »

You got to do the silly 2minute ice-breaker again?

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#6 Post by jstagg »

I love bashas, loved them in cadets.. dig a hole in the ground, use youre basha over the top of it.. cover it in leafs.. then capture you're cpl!

I wouldnt advise it in the real army tho, it won't go down well!

Yeah an icbreaker is requierd again! they don't know you there and there will be more people
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#7 Post by agapito »

So where you doing phase one, and if you dont like the cold wet nor bug, i think you'll find alot of that during your 3 and a half months. Basic Training on a whole isn't that give you the best tips: Do your work at nights(do not waste time at the naffi) and work hard show you want to be there. The first week is basically as stated above, on the friday you'll do the ice breaker and spend a night out in the field its very basic, you'll learn to put up your pouncho( you'll learn different ways of putting them up).

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