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Fighting in Portsmouth April 19th

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Fighting in Portsmouth April 19th

#1 Post by SandyTheGuvnor »

I am fighting Cage Rage star Tom "KONG" Watson in Portsmouth on April 19th in a K1 fight, if anyone fancies giving me a bit of support get yourself along too what will be a cracking night of K1/MMA.

And before that i am fighting in Catterick on the 5th of April in an MMA bout against a Polish opponent.
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#2 Post by RSO3 »

It's alright Sandy, I'll answer you!
I won't be there in person to support, but all the best. Let us know how you get on. R.
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#3 Post by sneaky beaky »

What the F**k is K1/MMA, and what the hell are you doing posting on this web site?

Former RM of 23 years.

harry hackedoff
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#4 Post by harry hackedoff »

Chill out IPWM 8) :roll:

Sandy is Para Reg PTI and pro MMA fighter.
MMA is mixed martial arts full contact fighting where pretty much anything goes. Bouts are rigidly controlled so the best looking bloke always wins 8)
That`s you forked then Sandy :P
Or is that only on Foxtel Sandy
Good luck with both bouts mate, 8) knowledge dispels fear but knowledge of itself isn`t the end. It is the path to wisdom. 8)
Go Para Reg! :wink:

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#5 Post by waltermitty »

and i thought this was goung to about fighting the navy down union street pmsl

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