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Please Note: Operation Security (OpSec)

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Please Note: Operation Security (OpSec)

#1 Post by Beast » Sat 24 Feb, 2007 2:30 pm


As you are all aware or this note is to make some members aware that operations and deployments, in particular Iraq, are attracting great media attention and speculation.

Remember to take extra caution and care when posting on this public forum that you do not post sensitive or classified information that is not otherwise in the public domain.

The Moderators of this forum will immediately remove or edit posts deemed to contain or hint at information which is sensitive or classified in any way to current operations.

The decision of the Modertors is final and while the current political and operational circumstances remain at their current levels, the Moderators will be taking extra steps to ensure that operational security (OpSec) is not compromised and your account maybe removed.

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