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:: Soldiers Pocket Book 2012 Edition ::

Soldiers Pocket Book - 2012 Edition

Soldiers Pocket Book 2012

Soldiers Pocket Book 2012

Soldiers Pocket Book 2012
--> The original concept in 1989 was taken from the previously published Army Cadet Pocket book and additional content was added relative to the Armed Forces. The pocket book was produced solely for TA soldiers this was called The Volunteer, it changed its name to the Soldiers Pocket Book shortly afterwards due to the number of books sold to the regular forces.

The Soldiers Pocket Book was the brain child of a patriotic and entrepreneurial Army Officer and Army Cadet Officer by the name of John Hobbis Harris (Major retired). One might say that he foresaw a likely decline in standards in public life, which might creep into the Armed Forces and wanted to play his small part in enshrining the standards, that he lived by for those of us that would follow on.

So Soldiers Pocket Book was born, packed with useful information, skills, techniques, ideas, philosophy and the essence of what makes the British Army the best in the world. It is still talked of fondly by battle hardened soldiers who have "walked the walk" and who discovered it years ago as youngsters at the very beginning of their careers, it proved popular and other titles swiftly followed, Hand Book & Aide Memoire for Officers & Instructors of the Army Cadet Force, Air Cadet, Cadets Training Records Log Book, Skill at Arms & Shooting, Cadet Skill at Arms & Shooting the years passed, the Soldiers Pocket Book sold and sold and was consumed by enthusiasts, cadets, soldiers in training and veterans alike, though still popular it was starting to look a little tired, equipment, tactics and the lads were all different now, nothing stands still for long. Soldiers Pocket Book needed a fresh set of eyes and a new approach.

At this point along comes the next generation in the form of a MOD Employee, TA Soldier of 20 years experience and Military Artist Rupert Godesen, staring reluctantly down the barrel of Senior Brecon as a 39 yr old, Rupert bought the pocket book and swatted up on all things he'd forgotten, initially Rupert contacted John H. Harris Jnr a director of Military Pocket Books (whom had also served in Regular Army (R.Sig) in the 1970's – 80's), Rupert and John meet with regard to re-illustrating Soldiers Pocket Book, but over lunch in London they quickly came to the conclusion that they were both thinking along the same lines, a total rewrite of the book, Rupert's artwork alongside his military knowledge, as well as friends in the Army that could be called upon as subject matter experts to handle specific chapters.

Soldiers Pocket Book 2012, though still faithful to the original concept, is a new book all together, new look on the outside, the same size, but right from the first page it's packed with information and knowledge for the modern soldier on exercise, or in conflict with a determined, adaptable enemy, designed to Keep you at the very top of your game.

Military Pocket Books will be expanding its range in the coming months to include new vibrant titles, The Sniper, Personal Security (On Holiday, Ops, On business, at home, online), Weapons of the World (what the enemy and our allies are using, what future weapons will look like), Physical training to get you ready for Parachute Regiment - P Coy, Royal Marine Commandos Course and other arduous courses.

"Quality Pocket Books, providing Information when it's needed and where it needed..."

Military Pocket Books are also launching the Soldiers Pocket Book 2012 Edition as an APP on Apple APP Store in October 2011; the purpose will be a free download for the preliminary pages and 4 of the shorter chapters.

The App user will be able to purchase what they want from the remaining chapter list of some 13 Chapters at a reasonable price.

Technical Data:
ISBN 978-2-874528-12-8 - Printed Book
ISBN 978-2-874528-14-2 - Digital APP book
105mm x 143mm
Spine 19mm
352 pages black text pages - over 18 Chapters.
Including Supporting adverts from charities
(H4H, Combat Stress, RBL, ABF, Forces Children Trust and Afghan Heroes)

:: Our Review ::

The updated 2012 edition of the Soldiers Pocket Book has arrived and is a very useful resource indeed!

This great little reference book remains the same, mainly packed full of notes for regular and reserve soldiers to refer too. From covering the basics of kit, weapons, webbing and bergan packing, first aid, military law and duties.
As you are aware advanced details and information will be covered in your military training but none the less this small book is packed with useful knowledge and reference key notes.
The book is clearly arranged into clear plain and simple chapters.
Remember this book does not cover all aspects but great as a reference or for those willing to gain a insight and further information. And best of all, sits in your pocket!

Many thanks for giving us the opportunity to review this book - Military Forums.

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