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Forces Money - Are you missing out on a Tax Refund?

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Albion Press - Republishing Classic Military Books

Military Forums launches new website -

Save Robbie Clark, 96 Yr Old War Hero from Eviction

Safeguard Armour - Do the Armed Forces need ballistic hard armour plates in body armour


SafeGuard Armour - British Combat Body Armour.

SafeGuard Armour - Ghost - Extremely Small, Concealable & Light-Weight.

SafeGuard Armour - Body Armour: The Military Standard Requirements.

SafeGuard Armour - Modern Day Soldier Body Armour.

:: Latest Reviews ::

Book - Combat Camera by Christian Hill

Book - British Army On The Rampage by Sean Connolly

Book - Soldiers Pocket Book 2012

Book - MRF Shadow Troop by Simon Cursey

Book - The Lonesome Commander by Martin Mahle

Book - Wicked Game by Matt Johnson

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Rogue Gunner - Thoughts of a Falklands Veteran.

UK Flag Shop - At UK Flag Shop we have a wealth of experience in the retail industry. Our number one priority will always be customer satisfaction.

Blue Light Card - 100's of Military Discounts, available online and in-store.

Pen And Sword Books - Specialise in all areas of military history, naval and maritime history, aviation, local history, family history, collectables and antiques, nostalgia and true crime.

Tickets For Troops - Is a brand new charity dedicated to offering free tickets for big events to our soldiers, sailors and airmen.

Intelligent Armour Protection - Intelligent Armour Limited provides tactical equipment solutions for individuals and teams. Our clients range from Government Agencies, Armed Forces, Police, and the Private Security and Close Protection sectors Worldwide. Our aim is to supply the correct operational equipment at the best possible price, we seek to supply the most up to date field tested tactical products and body armour. We offer 10% discount to all members of the Armed Forces and Police Services.

The Parade Square - Cadet Forces discussion forum.

Birgelen Vets - Birgelen Veterans Association.

National Defence Medal - British Veterans National Defence Medal (NDM) Campaign.

Award Medals - commemorative & replacement medals and military gifts.

Spirit Of Normandy - a charitable trust to perpetuate the memory of those who fought to preserve freedom in 1944.

Special Forces Kit - Special Forces Kit Supplies.

Squaddie Wives

Forces Sweethearts

Talking Military

Military World

Shadow Speak

Text Links: - Intelligent Protection International Limited provides close protection bodyguards and executive protection services to meet our clients' requirements, whether it is in a hostile environment or a capital city. We operate with an amalgamation of professional standards, great management and highly experienced personnel. - Here You can buy Military goods from former USSR, Russia and Ukraine, various items from Soviet Naval Fleet and Black Sea Fleet, souvenirs and other items from old and current militaria. - The yacht is owned by HMS Drake Welfare committee. Ocean Dragon is available to charter by serving, ex-serving armed forces personnel, RNSA members and Devonport Babcock employees. - The Official Authorised UK retailers of Blackhawk Military Equipment and 5.11 Tactical Clothing and equipment along with the Surefire Torch range. We also stock other premium brands suitable for Outdoor, Police, Security and Military applications. - Leading Used and Refubished Body Armour Retailer and Supplier. Offers Stab, Ballistic and Spike Threat Protection. - New body Armour Manufacturer and Supplier. Designer of New Body Armour Systems. - The Army Fitness Test website has been created to offer a comprehensive guide to the fitness tests used by the British Army during the recruitment and selection process. - Postcards printed daily of our troops on the frontline. - Get In Get Out And Away, they knew from an early age that one day they would be called up to do their two years National Service. eBook to be released soon. - UK - Army, Navy, Marines and RAF Scuba Diving Resettlement Courses - ELCAS.
Thailand Divers is your one stop shop for military personnel looking for resettlement courses and for people looking at using there ELCAS grant for scuba diving courses. - For all your Military Surplus and Maritime Antique Requirements. - Troop Supplies is here to give the very best solutions to our serving soldiers and anyone else that has a need for the products we offer. We aim to give you a new point of view on buying new equipment. Since our team are all currently serving with the British Forces we can give you a hands on view of every product we sell before you buy.

Army-Clothing.Net - Military Regimental Badges for T Shirts Caps Fleeces, vests, corporate shirts.
National Service Vetran's Association.
Commando Fitness a Personal Training service from a Ex Elite Royal Marine Commando with over 10 yrs experience.
Help For Heroes Charity Abseil Event - Hart and the teams entered, have only one mountain to climb, these Guys at Headley Court have a mountain to climb for the rest of their lives.
About operation Market Garden is dedicated to all the men who fought during operation Market Garden and for those who lost their lives during this operation for the freedom of Europe.
- In remembrance of the British servicemen who died in the 1955-1959 Cyprus Emergency -
Social Networking for the Armed Forces.
The leading forces community on the web.
One of the cheapest Army Surplus stores online.

Jobs In Security And Post-Disaster Enviroments
A web/e-mail list of private security companies, and others, operating in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere now available to those who want to find a job with them for 60.

Soldier Shop
An excellent resource for British forces personnel and their families, the site includes a directory of BFPO friendly sites.

HM Forces Insurance
JBI provide specifically designed insurance products to suit members of HM Armed Forces.

US Navy Seals and Special Operations (SOCOM) Force Store
US Navy SEALs Store offers Navy SEALs products including:
Navy Seal training, Navy SEALs fitness books, Luminox Navy SEAL dive watches, Special Opeations workout videos, dvds, manuals, survival gear for Marine Special Operations Force, Army Rangers, Green Berrets and more.

International Intelligence Limited
Carries training courses in the field of close protection and defensive driving.
All of our personnel are former SAS or British Intelligence (MI5), we have office in the UK, USA and France.


HMS Fearless


National Service Memoirs

Biscuits Brown

Demob Job


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