Transferring from British Army to Australian Army

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Transferring from British Army to Australian Army

#1 Post by williams85 » Tue 04 Jan, 2011 10:52 pm

Greetings everybody! Happy New Year!
Now then, here's a topic for discussion. I have several members of my family who live on the East Coast of Australia. Recently I have thought about the long-winded prospect of moving there as a long term goal for the future that I wish to achieve.
I have collected information from various people and websites, so just to add to my collection to build an overall concensus on the idea, how would someone like me go about undergoing a transfer from the British Army to the Australian Army?

I have heard many things such as the numbers of overseas workers that all 3 Australian forces take on changes every year. This is no doubt due to various factors such as the economy and what not.
I have also heard that I would have to leave the British army first and then undergo the enlisting process for the Australian army, (rather than it being a simple transfer as some people believe).

I'm also aware that it takes a good long time to eventually enlist in the Australian army, with various paperwork, medicals and the long list of other factors. I'm told you should expect a 2 year wait at the very minimum so this is by no means a rush project.

Just wondering if anyone out there had information on the subject. Any info or advice would be most welcome to add to my research :) Thanks everyone!

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Re: Transferring from British Army to Australian Army

#2 Post by Tdivers » Thu 31 Mar, 2011 2:30 am

While i was serving i new a few people that wanted to move to Australia and used the Army as an option. However they were nearer the end of their time. And they had to do all the usual paperwork to apply to move to Australia. I believe in most cases it helped with the fact that they wanted to go to the Australian Army. Also Rank had a bit to do with it, im sure but dont quote me or shoot me down in flames that you can go in 2 or maybe 1 rank below what you were in the British Army. In all cases they had to leave the British Army first.

Your other option which would definetly be a long shot but not impossible would if you are already serving try to get an Exchange to the Australian Army. I have seen quite a few Australian Soldiers / Officers in my time in the British engineers on Exchange programs.

Hope this is of some Help.

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