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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Safeguard Armour - Do the Armed Forces need ballistic hard armour plates in body armour


SafeGuard Armour - British Combat Body Armour.

SafeGuard Armour - Ghost - Extremely Small, Concealable & Light-Weight.

SafeGuard Armour - Body Armour: The Military Standard Requirements.

SafeGuard Armour - Modern Day Soldier Body Armour.

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Book - Combat Camera by Christian Hill

Book - British Army On The Rampage by Sean Connolly

Book - Soldiers Pocket Book 2012

Book - MRF Shadow Troop by Simon Cursey

Book - The Lonesome Commander by Martin Mahle

Book - Wicked Game by Matt Johnson

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Military Forums provides a community based website and services for serving and ex-service members of the Armed Forces.

Or simply for those willing to join and looking for information, help and advice.

A range of different forum categories are available to discuss your military related issues from general discussion to training.

Feel free to read more about us.
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Oooops looks like im broken, im currently being fixed!
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